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What is Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a great career choice. Digital marketing is called as online marketing. To promote the brands to connect with a target potential customers using the web and other forms of digital platforms. which includes the search engines marketing, email, social media, and web-based advertising, paid ads, content marketing andso. To discover the strategies that make an impact through engagement marketing.

How to start a career in digital marketing ?

  • • Learn basics of digital marketing.

  • • start your own website

  • • Become an seo expert

  • • Get a Google Ads certification

  • • Facebook Ads Advertising

  • • Learn Google Analytics

  • • Get a real internship

  • • Learn new updates

  • • Practice Digital Marketing Tools.

What is the demand for Digital Marketers ?

As digital marketing is a broad field, the fastest mode of promotion and marketing the reaching out to a wider audience. To growth for their business and drive more leads. Many companies realize the impact their marketing on the profits of their companies. To stay ahead of the competition in markets for the needs of digital marketing management role have become a necessity in digital-based services are moving to the focus of their economy.

Digital Marketing salary overview

  • 1. Experience

  • Experience plays a major role in how much you can expect from an employer in each and every field. Years of experience in this companies will only grant you higher digital marketing salary as soon. If you’re able to achieve them consistently to your digital marketing higher ranking their career. They would be more than willing to offer a salary increase for the same.

  • 2. Job Title

  • As you see your digital marketing salary would increase as you make your go up the corporate world. A digital marketer makes a more responsibilities and expertise than a different level to your category.

  • 3. Skills

  • Just like those extra toppings of employers prefer applicants with added skills. you can surely equip skills that complement your specialisation In the digital landscape, more digital skills translate to a higher digital marketing salary.

  • 4. Employer

  • The agency or brand companies you work for, the higher your salary would be. but, if you’re a fresher, we’d recommend working for a smaller firm first. The pay might not be an appealing as it would be at a larger firm, but your learning curve in just 1 year in a small firm would be much greater.

Digital Marketing Jobs Positions ?

  • • Digital Marketing Executive/Manager/Asst Manager/Team Lead.

  • • Digital Marketing Strategist

  • • Digital Marketing Specialist

  • • Digital Marketing Consultant

  • • Content Writer

  • • Content Strategist

  • • Content Specialist

  • • Email Marketer

  • • Email Marketing Strategist

  • • SEO Analyst

  • • SEO Executive

  • • SEO Specialist

  • • Pay-per-click Executive

  • • SEM Executive

  • • SEM Specialist

  • • Affiliate Marketing

  • • Social Media Marketing

  • • Social Media Strategist

  • • Social Media Specialist


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